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Squeezing And Pelletizing Line

The plastic squeeze is used for squeezing and re-pelletizing PP/PE lm, woven bag, ton bags etc. its equipped with advanced screw extrusion system, squeezing efciency could reach 95%. Also can work on the accordance with washing and pelletizing line with stable capacity and whole process automation

Squeezing and Pelletizing

Motor Power 90 KW Input Size 5-100 MM
Heating Power 2.2 KW Capacity 600-800 KG/H
Screw Diameter 300 MM Final Moisture 3% - 8%
Forward Screw Length 1365 MM Pelletizing Power 4 KW
Backward Screw Length 1605 MM Output Size 12 - 20 MM
Material 40 Cr Blower Power 7.5 KW
Motor Speed 55 RPM Silo Volume 800 L
Starting Way Reduce Voltage Start Machine Size 3200*1250*2250 MM
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