Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) HDPE pipes are similar to normal HDPE pipes except that they have different external & internal surfaces which gives them additional strength and stiffness. These are made with High Density Polyethylene which has very high life expectancy. These are externally corrugated and have smooth surface inside and are available from 75 mm to 1.0 m dia. These pipes are light weight and can be used for non-pressure underground sewerage, drainage & cross drainage (pipe culvert) including rain water harvesting purposes. They are maintenance free and therefore, once installed, will lie underground for years.

Features and Advantages
The double wall duct pipe features the corrugated shape and thus offer great strength in the compression resistance. The manufacturing of the double wall duct pipe requires almost the minimum raw material and thus the effect on the environmental aspects is greatly reduced. The product can be thus quoted as having an added advantage over its contemporary pipe.

It has been noted down that the use of the double wall corrugated pipe reduces the cost of the project, since the losses owing to the damage is greatly reduced and thus more organizations are looking towards it for the generation of maximum profit. The higher lifespan of the dwc hdpe corrugated pipe makes it more preferable and featuring the maximum load bearing capability makes it stand as the top preferred product for the work.

Advantages of DWC Pipe

  • Cost Effective.
  • Raw Material Saving
  • Great Flexibility
  • Excellent Ring Stiffness
  • Smooth inner wall, hence minimum friction loss
  • Economical & Designed to serve for 50 Years.
  • Different colours of DWC pipes can be used for cable identication

Application of DWC Pipe

  • Sewerage / Storm Water Drainage
  • Earthquake prone areas with high tectonic movement
  • Road / highway cross drainage.
  • Rainwater Harvesting and ground water recharge.
  • Used as the main duct in sub duct network design.
  • Protection of ducts / cables across rivers disused canals etc
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