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Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Line

Use of DWC Pipe is on the rise. The industries involved in the use of such pipes are now more conscious on how to save bucks with the installation and use of the best products for their various activities. Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) Pipes are similar to normal HDPE pipes except that they have different external and internal surfaces which gives them additional strength and stiffness. These are made with high density polyethylene which has very high life expectancy.

Application of Use : Sewerage / Storm water drainage, earthquake prone areas with high tectonic movements, cable protection, light weight. They are maintenance free and therefore, once installed, will lie underground for

JJ/200/DWC 50-200 300 5.0 200
JJ/300/DWC 100 - 300 600 6.5 400
JJ/500/DWC 150 - 500 1000 6.5 580
JJ/100/DWC 200 - 1000 1900 3.5 610
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